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Editorial Design


Year: 2018

Location: Santiago, Chile


Skills & Tools

Visual Design & Branding

Editorial Design



Felipe Bengoa, Nicolás Fernández, Jorge
Valdebenito, Begoña Taladriz, Maria Luisa Novoa, Beatriz Castillo, Benjamín Dides.


Enterreno was born in 2015 with the goal of building the largest free and collaborative Historical Archive in the world, in order to take care of our historical identity. Today, it stores more than 85,000 geo-referenced historical images, which were previously part of other public or private archives, physical albums or family heritage, hidden for most people. This booklet was designed to be presented in the AULAB final expo, projects accelerator program from the Laboratorio de Gobierno, a chilean public institution that boost initiatives of public interest.

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