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Badge Heroes
App UX/UI Design


Year: 2016

Location: Santiago, Chile


Skills & Tools

User Research

User Flow


Visual Design

Usability Testing



Karen Giacaman, Cristián Pérez, John Peebles, Gonzalo López, Begoña Taladriz. Development by Rateinc + QuanticLabs


Brand redesign, design of interaction and usability flows (UX) for Badge Heroes, a mobile app. with gamification that seeks to convert the induction processes and internal communication of a company into fun and motivating activities, achieving more effectiveness and participation of the workers, and therefore, improving the results in an organic way.


Badgeheroes is a platform that applies the principles of gamification, that allows to make entertaining missions and campaigns based on the daily tasks of the workers of a company. It seeks to give companies tools to improve their internal processes through game dynamics, implemented at work.


BadgeHeroes is currently used by various clients such as Itaú Bank, Santander Bank, Scotiabank, CMR Falabella, Entel and BancoEstado. Many of these clients use the application to boost performance meters (KPIs), in order to improve the internal performance of their areas. In particular, banks have focused on improving induction and training processes, as well as taking advantage of the opportunity to position themselves as innovative banks.

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